Use custom A-frame signs as a sidewalk advertising medium to promote your businesss

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Sandwich board signs, also known as A frames, A boards,  or sidewalk signs, are an inexpensive and highly effective way to advertise your business – be that a restaurant, coffee stand, real estate property, storefront, or shop.

Tip #1: Customers can’t buy what they can’t see.
This classic business adage is so important, it’s worth repeating: customers can’t buy what they can’t see; and often that can mean the daily commute, while passing familiar buildings that no longer draw ones attention.  A sidewalk sign can remedy that situation with an eye-catching, can’t be missed  impression that displays your logo and updated marketing or sales catch phrases that will promote your business.

Tip #2: Bring customers directly to you.
Capturing the attention of people who pass by your street, trade shows stand, restaurant, storefront, real estate, farmer’s market, antique shop, etc. can be increased by using A frame signs as a way to direct potential customers to your store, booth or display. Place one strategically at the main entrance or nearby intersections and direct traffic your way – ensuring customers can easily find and recognize your business.

Tip #3: Take advantage of unused sidewalk space.
Don’t wait for customers to enter your store to begin your sales pitch. Get them interested even earlier by capturing their attention with sinage & advertising  as they pass the sidewalk and street. Generate more sales without any extra work by using A boards to promote a new product, advertise a seasonal sale or highlight a daily special. The initial investment

Tip #4: Attract new customers.
Think about all the people who drive by your storefront every day. If they never get out of their cars, they may not even know your store exists! Prominently position your A board on the sidewalk or curb to grab the attention of passing commuters.

Tip #5: Increase readership.
People notice new and different things. So change up the message on your A-board every few days to promote a new product or advertise a seasonal special. You’ll boost your customer readership, and ensure potential customers continually notice your business.

Tip #6: Customize, customize, customize.
Not all A frames were created equal. Nor should they be. Whether it’s a brochure pocket for free information or a chalkboard surface to advertise daily specials, customize your A frame to meet your business’ needs.

Tip #7: Make them hungry.
If you own a café or restaurant, an A board is a must. List a different special each day (be sure to include all the yummy ingredients) and watch as hungry patrons fill up your dining room in no time at all!

Tip #8: Location, location, location.
A board signs make great advertisements because they’re lightweight, fully portable and also durable. So don’t just plop one down in the first place that strikes your fancy. Take advantage of the sign’s mobility and strategically position it so that it attracts the greatest attention from foot traffic or commuters.  Customer who are located off the “main” street can direct traffic to their “off street” location.

Tip #9: Keep it simple.
Remember that attention spans are short, and commuters driving by can only safely read so much before they pass your A board sign. So keep the message short and sweet.

Tip #10: A picture is worth a thousands sales.
This old marketing adage definitely rings true with A boards. Remember, a creative graphic or image of your product is worth more than excess verbiage. So keep the message short and the pictures big.

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